HTTP 404 Not Found with Reporting Services and Windows 7 (Server 2008)

IIS reserves port 80. SQL 2008 reporting services is now using it’s own ‘web server’ – HTTP.sys.  In reporting services configuration manager change the Report Manager URL advanced settings.  In the ‘Multiple Identities for Report Manager’, edit the entry and change the TCP Port to not be 80.  Common alternates are 8080 or 8000.


Need to find out who is in a global group?  Where I work, they don’t install management tools on our computers if you’re not in the security or server group.  Sysinternals to the rescue.

We keep our users and group in a container named _users. I just navigate to that node and search the container for whatever group I’m looking for.  The group has a members property you can double-click to view.