SQL Browser

Did you know you can start the SQL Browser service from the command line and watch as the UDP requests on 1434 fly in?

Your location of the file may vary, but you just use the -c switch like so:

c:\program files\microsoft sql server\90\shared>sqlbrowser.exe -c

Cluster Diagnostics

Installing SQL 2008 on my existing 2005 cluster seemed to have broken my clustered 2005 SSIS service.  It stopped starting successfully around the time of the install and the instance started using the SSIS 10 service – although I didn’t know this.

I found out by using a tool called clusterdiag.exe from microsoft.

Instruction on usage and obtainage here:  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa996161%28EXCHG.65%29.aspx#OpeningTheClusterLog

I tried to start the SSIS service and then fired up this program.  I opened the cluster folder in the WINDOWS directory on my server directly by opening \\server01\c$\windows\cluster in offline mode.  There was an error creating some sort of tree view, but everything seemed to work well enough.

I opened the Test and Cluster logs folder and found cluster.log within it.  After a double-click I saw a color coded display of the log.  I found the error messages and googled the error codes.  The service did not exist.  That led me to find that it had been replaced by the 2008/10 install.  I reran the 2005 install and ended up with 2 SSIS versions.

After a thorough read of the clusterdiag.exe page I found that you can highlight an error code and go to TOOLS > FIND WIN32 ERROR. You get a handy definition of the error, which my brain can understand.

I believe my install went wrong when I upgraded a report server from 2005 to 2008 and must have also upgraded the shared components.