I’ve always been a stickler for backups, even before I was a sysadmin.  I create music on my home computer, creating massive volumes of data just waiting to disappear from my life.

I have been using SuperDuper and TimeMachine on OS X.  I don’t backup my windows machine, since it is a media center we mostly just stream stuff off the web.

When I leave town I throw the backup drives in an unlocked fireproof save with a note begging thieves not to steal it.  This data is truly unique and irreplaceable.  

But what if there was a fire when I didn’t have my drives in the safe?  I’d be very sad, that’s what.

There are a few online backup services which are starting to look very attractive.  Most offer 2GB for free.  I’ll be needing at least 50GB for audio mixes.  Actual song files are another story….maybe 300GB or so.  Then there are various video, picture and music files I’d hate to lose.  So it’s looking like I’ll be needing around 500GB to lock it all up.

Enter Mozy – $4.95 a month for unlimited storage space.  I assume this is for one computer.  What a deal.  That puts a year at $60.  40 years at $2400.


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